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When is the Right Time?

The decision to seek counseling is one that each person makes at a time when they become aware they no longer feel okay with themselves and/or their circumstances. The “right time” to start counseling is when you admit to yourself that you want to feel different, you are ready to look at making a change and are no longer willing to accept that “this is as good as it gets.”

You will know when the time is right.

Supportive and Nurturing Environment

When you come to see me for counseling you will be working with someone who will listen to how you have struggled and appreciate what it has meant for you. I will help you recognize your strengths and build your self-esteem through a greater self-awareness and self-appreciation. I offer unconditional respect and support in a safe environment that is nurturing and accepting of where you are today and where you want to go.

We Look at All Aspects of Your Life

It is my experience that to assist you in gaining self-awareness, identifying choices and recognizing the obstacles that have kept you from feeling better, we have to examine all aspects of what is happening in your life today. We will look at your world from many different angles, but always from your perspective. In therapy, I respect your individuality and convey hope allowing you to use the time to work through the pain and confusion created from repeating patterns without recognizing what they are or how they have impacted you.

The Power to Change Yourself and Your Life Lies Within You

In a collaborative atmosphere you will begin to understand that the power to change lies within you. We will work to uncover the messages you send to yourself and how they have influenced the choices and decisions you have made throughout your life. Through counseling you will become more self aware and as a result less self-critical, more accepting of who you are, and what your goals are for the future. As you become more respectful of and comfortable within yourself you will start to feel better, more optimistic and hopeful. In the end, you will begin to experience your world in a more positive way and surround yourself with people and things that support you.

First Time Visit – Get Forms Here

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You can fill out the forms that are needed before you come to the office for your first visit. Download, print and fill out paperwork from the Forms & Information section.

How Therapy Works

therapy works

By developing a greater appreciation for yourself, you make choices which support this new image and improve your life.
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Your Life is a Work of Art

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Sometimes all it takes is a slightly different perspective in order to change how you see the world. If you are ready to get started...
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