Forms & Information

There are several forms that you need to fill out prior to your first visit. Some forms require your signature so these must be printed and signed. The general information forms (Intake Forms for example) do not require a signature so they are available to fill out online.

Required Forms for First Visit:

# Form Name Download
1) Adult Intake Form
(contact info, insurance, medical history, etc)
2) Privacy Policy
(information about privacy)
3) Privacy Policy Acknowledgment
(signature required)
4)  Credit Card Payment Authorization  pdf-icon-smallDownload
Additional Forms for Parents of Minor Children
5) Child Intake Form
(additional information for minor children)
6) Consent to Treat a Minor
(signature required)


First Time Visit – Get Forms Here

convenient forms online

You can fill out the forms that are needed before you come to the office for your first visit. Download, print and fill out paperwork from the Forms & Information section.

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